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愛心滿東華免費醫療服務捐助計劃 TWGHs Free Medical Services Donation Scheme

透過捐助計劃,貧病者可接受免費門診及住院等服務 Needy can receive holistic free beds and outpatient services with the support of the Scheme

For Low-income Family/Youth Tung Wah Group of Hospitals
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Started July 31, 2018

Tung Wah Group of Hospitals


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愛心滿東華免費醫療服務捐助計劃 TWGHs Free Medical Services Donation Scheme


1. 捐款任何金額即可留言,有關留言即有機會喺其中一場「愛心滿東華 x 街頭音樂會」由歌手朋友/DJ主持現場讀出;
2. 開設個人籌款專頁,最快籌得善款達$3,000的朋友,有機會獲邀請出席8月25日嘅「愛心滿東華 x 街頭音樂會」,並偕同一位親友現場欣賞歌手演出,名額5個,快D行動喇!*



「救病拯危,贈醫施藥」,為弱勢社群提供免費醫療服務,乃東華三院自 1870 年創院以來的宗旨。重點籌募項目「愛心滿東華免費醫療服務捐助計劃」,多年來均為無依病者提供免費醫療服務,每年受惠人次約100萬。透過捐助計劃,貧病者可接受免費門診及住院等服務,病有所醫,重拾健康生活。

今年為「愛心滿東華」免費醫療服務計劃舉行第30年,以「醫護仁心‧響樂30年」為主題,特別舉辦多場「愛心滿東華 X 街頭音樂會」,邀請多位著名歌手,到不同地點分享音樂,傳揚善心。本院希望各位善長向貧病者捐助醫藥的同時,也可以享受治愈心靈的好音樂。本院誠邀大家響應支持,集合大家的力量,幫助更多無依病者。


Throughour Crowd-funding platform:

1) Donate and Comment

By making any amount of donations and commenting through the platform, therewill be a chance for your comments to be read out by participating artists/DJat our busking event.

2) Bethe first to raise over $3,000 in your Individual Fundraising Campaign

If you manage to raise over $3,000 in the shortestpossible time in your individual Fundraising Campaign, you and one other friendmay also be invited to our Busking event on 25/8/2018! (Limited to 5 winners*)

*Winners will be notified individually. Please refer tothe crowd-funding platform for details. In case of dispute, TWGHs’ decision willbe final. 

Shun Shin Yuen Kung 35thAnniversary proudly sponsors: TWGHs Free Medical Services Donation Scheme

Healing the sick and relieving the distressed has been the founding mission of TWGHssince its establishment in 1870. The annual “TWGHs Free Medical ServicesDonation Scheme” is the signature fund-raising event for our freemedical services which serves nearly 1 million attendances of underprivilegedpatients every year. Needy can receive holistic free beds and outpatientservices with the support of the Scheme.

This year marks the 30th yearof the Scheme, to echo the theme “Healingwith Love and Music for 30 Years”, a series of Charity Busking eventsfeaturing renowned local singers will be held in the City in July and August tospread love and music. We sincerely appeal donors for supporting our charitycauses with the enjoyment of soul-healing busking music.

This crowd-fundingplatform sponsored by BeanCare is recognized as the official platform for theTWGHs Free Medical Services Donation Scheme.


Organization Infomation

  • Tung Wah Group of Hospitals


    Since its establishment in 1870, TWGHs has been all along upholding its mission &quotTo heal the sick and to relieve the distressed; to care for the elderly and to rehabilitate the disabled; to promote education and to nurture youngsters; and to raise the infants and to guide the children.&quot Nowadays, TWGHs is the largest charitable organisation with the longest history in Hong Kong. For over a hundred years, TWGHs’ medical and health, education and community services have developed rapidly to fulfill the needs of the society and to provide high quality services at low rates or for free. Today, TWGHs operates 321 services centres, including 5 hospitals and 30 Chinese and Western medicine services centres, 55 education services centres, 229 community services centres that cover elderly, youth and family, rehabilitation and traditional services, as well as the Tung Wah Museum and TWGHs Maisy Ho Archives and Relics Centre, which were established to promote, restore and preserve the heritage and relics of TWGHs, with an aim to protect and preserve local traditional culture.
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