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DBS’88 Class Gift

Giving is beyond donation, it's about making a difference. Class 88 aims at $1M fundraise for upgrade classroom collaborative e-learning facilities.

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STARTED October 31, 2018
Myron Ng

Bean DREAM Co. Ltd


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DBS’88 Class Gift

Today success in collaborative-approach teaching and interactive learning requires technology-based classroom facilities!

To support our school initiative in “Dream Classroom” development our class would like to fundraise over $1 million directly for such purpose in the next 30 days.

Funds will be used for integrating eLearning into classroom environment.

-   Facilities and equipment, such as, non-reflective whiteboard, desktop computer, ultra-short throw projector, infra-red classroom audio system, Apple TV, 2-in-1 desks & chairs for mobile setting.

-   Current facilities such as pull-down screen and wired microphone were installed nearly two decades ago!

There are 60 classrooms and the school has two upgraded at $200,000 each. We aim at upgrading at least 5 classrooms!

Success in learning is a cause close to our heart because we are indebted to our alma mater as DBS make a huge impact in our lives!

Your contribution, disrespect of donation amount can show our class unity and higher support rate in such good cause.

Neither commission nor fee, except payment gateway charge (industry standard), will apply in donation via Apple Pay or Google Pay.



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