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Charity Talk: How to Land a Dream Job in the Finance Industry

Each audience donates $200 to buy 10 rice boxes for needy folks. To donate, to mentor or to share, make a difference! So can you! Please donate $20 for 1 meal.

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Charity Talk: How to Land a Dream Job in the Finance Industry

Note: This campaign is for Donation ONLY. If you want to attend the Charity Talk and/or join our mentorship program, please donate $200 and more in the campaign with the following link

Descriptions of the Talk

These sharing sessions (a talk, a Facebook closed group) will benefit young talents wishing to join/advance in the financial industry to obtain the most insightful tacit knowledge & first-hand info. Directly from more than ten seasoned financiers in different areas of expertise.  

Audiences will be invited to post questions via our FB group before the Talk. 

Speakers will address those burning questions.

Mentors will continue to provide guidance until 30th Nov. 2018.

Come join us on 23rd Aug., 7 pm at HKUST Business School, 15/f, Hong Kong Club Building, for expanding the horizons on one hand, while supporting the charity on the other ($200 admission fee will donate to buy ten rice boxes for needy folks). 

Speakers: (in alphabetical order by last name)

1. Marcella Chan (Managing Director, Head of Investment Banking, Hong Kong & China, CIMB Group)

2. Jimmy Lee (Director, RP Asset Management Limited)

3. Keith Lee (Executive Director, UBS)

4. Catherine Leung ( Former Head of Multinational Corporates for the East China Region, ANZ)

5. Denise Li (Credit Sales,  Bank of China)

6. Helen Li Sum (Group Chief Auditor, Bank of East Asia)

Mentorship Program

Mentors (e.g. bankers, CFO, fund managers) can be found in a closed Facebook group.

All donation over $200 can have access to this closed FB group.

Beneficiary Charity Project

All donations and admissions, less bank charges, will go to「膳」待飯券計劃 (每個膳待飯為HK$20). 

$20 can buy a hot meal for needy folks. This meaningful project is operated by Lok Sin Tong (九龍樂善堂)   

You can find the details of this charity project in the documents listed below. 



  • Bean DREAM Co. Ltd

    Bean DREAM Co. Ltd. is a registered social enterprise registered in Hong Kong. It’s the sole operator of BeanCare is a low-cost crowdfunding platform in support of donation-based projects initiated by local charities for poverty alleviation and social inclusion, with the donations to be raised being tax exempt under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance. We aim to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of charity fundraising activities. In particular, we strive to reduce the cost of fundraising. By using BeanCare, donors may not only enjoy the convenience of donating anywhere and anytime but also interact with charitable project operators, as well as monitor the impact of their donation.



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